2018 Expert Consensus Decision Pathway Echocardiography ATS Document - Public Comment Survey

2018 ACC/AHA/ASE Advanced Training Statement on Echocardiography
Developed in Collaboration with the ATS, SCA, SCAI, and SCCM

A Report of the American College of Cardiology Competency Management Committee

Public Comment Period
May 14 - 25, 2018

We invite you to review the draft version of the 2018 ACC/AHA/ASE Advanced Training Statement on Echocardiography. Although it is expected that most if not all fellows will achieve Level II competency in echocardiography during their 3 years of cardiovascular training, this document describes the more focused, in-depth experience required for Level III competency in echocardiography, including performing and interpreting complex studies in special populations, engaging in research, directing an academic echocardiography laboratory, and training others in advanced aspects of echocardiography. Although this may be achievable within a standard 3-year fellowship—for many individuals, and especially for those seeking multimodality imaging expertise—an additional period of post-graduate training will be required. This document will define the curricular competencies (using the ACGME competency domain structure: Medical Knowledge, Patient Care and Procedural Skill, Systems-Based Practice, Practice-Based Learning and Improvement, Interpersonal and Communication Skills, and Professionalism), and identify the minimum numbers of procedures typically necessary for development and demonstration of Level III echocardiography competencies.

We appreciate your review of this document to ensure that the text and accompanying competencies are comprehensive, clear, and adequately reflect the expectations of practicing Level III echocardiographers and the corresponding healthcare team. We also appreciate your feedback on the delineation of what all Level III echocardiographers should know and be able to do (as reflected by an “X” in the “all” column of the competency tables) as distinguished from what selected Level III echocardiographers should know and be able to do based on career focus (as reflected by an “X” in the “add” column on these tables). In addition, we look forward to your feedback on the proposed procedural volume tables proposed in the document. We welcome your comments on this draft, which will be edited based on peer review and public comment before review and approval by participating organizations and subsequent publication in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology and other participating organization’s journals, reflective of organizational policy.

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